Daniel Steiger Roseanna Ring
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Roseanna Ring

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Ring Size
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Rose Gold Plating
  • 2.5 Carat Pink Diamondeau®, Simulated Diamond
  • Flawless Diamondeau®, Simulated Diamond
  • Magnificent Presentation Case Included
We say Sapphire, you say Blue...well yes but not
always. Sapphires are a member of the Corundum
Family and actually come in a huge variety of colors including brown, orange and yellow. However
one of the most popular colors after blue are the
range of pink stones. Large gems over 2 carats cost
an absolute fortune but we wanted to bring you the
look without the extortionate price. We have managed to source a consignment of beautiful 2.5 carat
oval cut, pink Diamondeau® - flawless simulated diamond that our master
jewelers have hand set into our gorgeous new
Roseanna ring. The stunning solid 925 Sterling
Silver setting is lavishly plated with warm, flattering
Rose Gold and is accented with a staggering 120 Diamondeau®., Magnificent presentation case included.

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