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My Golden Wrist

In my 77 years of life, I have purchased approximately 90% of all of my gold jewelry, for birthdays, holidays, and any gift-giving event. From real gold to plated gold, this bracelet is by far the best in luster, wearability, eye appealing and rich impression of pure gold. I have had several compliments on my bracelet, fitting me perfectly as it does, and have worn it 24/7, while bathing, swimming, and being outdoors participating in group gatherings where it dazzled supremely. I also am very impressed with the design tooling and recommend it highly to make a luxurious real gold-looking item. I will be purchasing additional items in the future, I am sure. Keep up the good work, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Allegro Blue Dial Men's Watch


Happy with quality and sparkle.

Excellent value -- very impressive

I thought it would be smaller but it is a large bracelet and I am a large man. Perfect!

Worth it's weight in gold

Attractive well crafted, for ceremonial wear or casual lodge events.

Good looking watch for the price, keeps and that’s what I bought it for!

Adventurer Red Men's Watch & Sunglasses

Ambassador Men's Black Watch!

I Wish it was a Swiss Movement! I'd rank it 5 Stars if it was! I'm Not Unhappy. I am happy, but Timepieces International with the Daniel Steiger Line Are Usually Swiss Movement Watches. I bought it with the intention that it had a Swiss Movement. Word of advice! From now on you should put in with the descriptions of every watch being sold, either listed in the catalog, or online, the movement of the timepiece. Swiss, Japanese, American, Etc. It will help the buyer! I Expected Better from Daniel, but I'm not unsatisfied. Shape Up Daniel.

Adventurer Blue Watch & Sunglasses

I am enjoying my new watch which came quickly, looks great and keeps time accurately. Definitely a nice casual timepiece. i would purchase again.

Nice Ring

Very pretty ring and the size was perfect.

My husband loves his gift of a walking stick.

Blaze Blue

I’m happy with the ring it was all what I had expected

Legacy Turquoise Men's Ring

Fiji Ring

This is such a beautiful stunning ring that my husband got me as a surprise. It's very unique & impressive looking


Howmany. Canes for 104.00????

Amazing Moissanite pendant

This had more brilliance and fire than any diamond I have ever purchased. My wife was thrilled and we put it on a heavier silver snake chain. I plan on ordering the earrings for our anniversary. I also ordered the three carat mouissanite silver mens ring for myself. I am very pleased with this also.

Bling Bling!

Great color .


Like this cane a lot very classy, but I thought the Tiger Eye was a little bit bigger than the image but in the end it fits into the palm of my hand very nicely Bought this as I did need a cane, and since I was born in the year of the Tiger, this was right for me, all around.

Nice pendant. Has a nice heft to it, very solid piece I like the understated cross stamp and how it looks with almost everything.

Beautiful watch I love it, five stars

Very Pleased

The ring is beautiful and my husband loves it.

Love It.

He loves the watch!

Wolf Head Walking Cane

Really Nice Cards

Cards are well made. The gold and diamond texture and plating is very nice. Cards feel like they are high quality and like they will not rip or degrade quickly. The designs are very traditional yet modern on all of the face cards. The Jokers are a very impressive design as well. The box the cards come in is also very nice. While it is not the most high quality item it does it’s job well. It’s well designed and decorated. It is nice and smooth and smells good too. Anyone looking for a nice special occasion playing card set or just a conversation starter will like this. I would recommend it to anyone no matter what age you are.


Great looking. Everything I expected