Daniel Steiger Gancini Rhodium Ring
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Gancini Rhodium Ring

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Ring Size
  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Over 80 Flawless Diamondeau®, Simulated Diamond
  • Magnificent Presentation Case Included
Folds, hooks even clasps. Fashion makes use
of everything and anything. The symbolism behind them is
far more interesting especially when given by someone we
cherish, or purchased for them. Choose from our handsomely
plated 18k Yellow Gold, or the delicate Rhodium plating.
Both rings are made of the finest 925 Sterling Silver and
feature a pleasant buckle theme. Featuring over 80 of our
triple A-grade Diamondeau® - flawless simulated diamonds, these rings are a treaty in
the art of radiance.

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