Domestic (Including US Overseas Territories):

Most of our customers experience delivery within 5-7 business days, although we do allow up to 28 days for delivery.
If you require your delivery to be sooner then please telephone our sales team on 1-800-733-8463


Shipments to Canada are usually delivered within 14 business days, although due to customs clearance time we ask you to allow up to 28 business days for delivery.


Please allow up to 28 business days for delivery, although most will arrive sooner. Shipment time is highly dependant on the recipient country, so we are unable to provide estimates for international shipments.

You may obtain extra links for your watch. You will ned to call Customer Services on 1-888-768-4468 between 9am and 4.30pm, Eastern Time, Monday to Friday, detailing which product you require additional links for. Most of our bracelets are non-adjustable, but we will provide links if it can be adjusted. Links will be provided free of charge within the 30 day return policy, after which there will be a small charge. 

The vast majority of our quartz watches take very common watch batteries that you can have replaced by a local jeweler; remember to ask the jeweler to ensure the watch is water resistant after the back has been removed.